Malki Tesler

by Goni Riskin | 26.10.17







Malki Tesler is a Tel Aviv-based video artist and painter. Born in 1984, she received a degree from the Avni Institute of Art and Design in Tel Aviv and continued her art studies at Hamidrasha School of Art. Tesler has exhibited her works in solo shows in galleries throughout Israel, as well as in international group exhibitions and film festivals in Belgium, Lithuania, and Brazil.

Tesler, who is originally from a religious kibbutz, knew at a young age that she wanted to pursue art as a profession and live in a cosmopolitan setting. In her work she investigates questions of individuality versus social norms, as well as friendship, love and sexuality.

Tesler draws from the public sphere to explore these topics in video works which she describes as ‘urban and provocative.’ Featuring passers-by and made simply, often in ‘one shot, one day, one location, and one hour’ she also executes her belief that art should be affordable and inclusive. By contrast, Tesler’s paintings offer a deeply personal perspective, reflecting her own emotions and thoughts in a playful, colorful and fun aesthetic.

Text by: Jessica Laub
Clothing: A.K.A-Rock, Shahar Avnet, Sabina Musayev, Misha Gat,
Jewellery: Ruby Star Photo assistant: Malkiella Benshabat


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