Gilad Ratman

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Artist Gilad Ratman is known for his large scale video installations which create a verbal, visual and audial dialogue between his work and the space it occupies. Using multichannel formats, the artist focuses on architectural interventions and a strong emphasis on sound, making his presentations extremely engaging.

Two of his most notable works include The Workshop and Five Bands From Romania. The Workshop was a site-specific video installation which was exhibited in the 2013 Venice Biennial, whereby Ratman presented the fictional journey of a small community, traveling underground from Israel to Venice. Ratman creates a utopian scenario that evokes a reality where global transit is undetected, unidentified and free.  

In 2015, Ratman exhibited Five Bands From Romania at The Israel Museum, displaying video and audio footage of five heavy metal bands performing simultaneously with their sound equipment buried underground. The work was inspired by two major musical events, Pink Floyd’s 1972 performance in Pompeii and Metallica’s 1991 concert in Moscow which symbolized the fall of the soviet bloc twenty years later. Both of these events significantly impacted the piece’s reflection on meta historical contexts and celebration of individualism.

Ratman was born in Israel, earning his BFA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design and later completing his MFA at Columbia University in New York. The artist has been exhibiting his works internationally since 2004. Most recently, Ratman is exhibiting in the group show curated by Hadas Kedar, Sinkholes, which is currently on view at the Arad Contemporary Art Center, until August 20.   

Text by: Jenna Romano 
Clothing: Eliran Nargassi, Cos, Holyland Civilians, A.K.A-Rock, H&M, Sunglasses: Ray-Ban , Assistant: Aviad Fuchs


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