Roy Menachem Markovich

by Goni Riskin | 30.03.17

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Roy Menachem Markovich is a Tel Aviv-based cinematographer and sculpture artist. Born in 1979, he earned his degree from Hamidrasha School of Art at Beit Berl College.

Markovich has exhibited his work in museums and galleries throughout Israel—including at the Israel Museum, Herzliya Museum of Contemporary Art, RawArt gallery, and the CCA—as well as internationally—at the Tate Modern-London and Museum of Contemporary Art Barcelona—and as part of various art fairs. His work has received international recognition, having been awarded the Kunst 13 Zurich-Advancement art award (2013). Markovich’s career has also expanded beyond the studio; he has held several teaching positions and currently serves as the video lecturer as part of the Meirhoff Art Center at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art.

No matter which media he is working with, Markovich challenges conventions and blurs the distinction between reality and falsehood for the viewer. His video works confront the viewer’s ability to believe the stories portrayed, thanks to Markovich’s use of dramatic storylines and interruptions. Similarly, his small-scale but grandiose sculptures challenge viewers to find the absurd and reconsider how they might perceive statues in public spaces.

Markovich’s current solo exhibit Shod Vashever (Good Grief, on view until 4.4 at The Herzliya Artists’ Residence) is about an ‘object-based’ nostalgia—the idea that even the most mundane objects become meaningful through a nostalgic gaze. Each of the fifty miniments, composed of mixed materials and seemingly mundane objects, is a physical construct demonstrating that ‘nostalgia charges these items with significance, making the past a marketable commodity’.

Text by Jessica Laub 
Clothing: Outside Society


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