Rona Yefman

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Bold, raw, “the strongest girl in the world”—Rona Yefman is an artist whose ideas are radically calculated and heroically materialized. Yefman wants to tell the most authentic story of the world around her, and this means focusing on the inevitable gap between what we portray and who we wish we could be.

When working, Yefman creates relationships; whether it’s the person she is photographing, recording, interviewing or collaborating with. Shifting towards individuals who share her own impulse to stand out and placing them in different political, personal or psychological contexts, she creates layered documentaries of their lives—photographs, videos and texts that are abstract, absurd and on the forefront of social transformation.

However absurd, Yefman is sensitive. She allows her subjects to become more of “the person that they truly want to be” and hopes that her own search for honesty will lead to positive change in notions of identity and acceptance.

Yefman, who was born in Israel and earned a B.F.A. from Bezalel Academy, works internationally and has been based in NYC since 2007 when she completed her M.F.A at Columbia University.

Yefman’s artist book, Let it Bleed, was recently released in May 2016 (published by Little Big Man). It documents the gender transformation of her brother, Gil, over the course of over a decade.

Rona Yefman at Sommer Gallery 
This is a collaboration with Rona Yefam, Book & Backround images courtesy of the artist & Sommer Contemporary Art Gallery. 
T-Shirts: Roni Hajaj.
Text  written by: Jenna Romano


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