Ran Slavin

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Ran Slavin

Multimedia artist Ran Slavin was born in 1967 in Jerusalem and after several stays in San Francisco, London and Singapore, went to study at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and currently lives and works in Tel Aviv. His video and sound installations, as well as his films and music are well-known around the world.

The work of the virtuoso is not easy to put into words, as he uses not only several types of media but also wanders between different themes, times and realities. Slavin narrates and forms entire worlds composed by beautiful, yet disturbing sounds and images. The relationship between the two media, how they influence and interact with each other is what makes the art of Ran Slavin exceptional.

In most of his films and installations, the search for order in a chaotic world is a recurring issue. Cities are explored and divided into little pieces, like in the films “The Insomniac City Cycles” (2009), and “Ursulimum” (2011) which paint a futuristic image of Jerusalem. With his latest exhibition that consists of video, sound and light installations, Slavin creates a fictional place, a virtual world that is irrespective of time and space: “World5”.

A second version of “World5” will open on July 23 at the Haifa Museum of Modern Art. Meanwhile, it is worthwhile to listen to his 11th studio album, “Bittersweet Melodies” that will be launched at the Uganda Bar on May 18.

Text by Elinor Lazar



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