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Since the 1980’s, the Israeli Artist Roee Rosen has made a name for himself in the international contemporary art scene through his outstanding and provocative paintings, video installations, film, books and writings. Born and raised in Israel, he studied at the Tel Aviv University, as well as in New York at the School of Visual Arts and the Hunter College, and is now a professor at the HaMidrasha College of Art in Beit Berl and at the Bezalel Art Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem.

With his work, Rosen imposes questions on important topics of contemporary art, such as the representation of history, fiction and the concept of identity. Through the creation of fictional characters, such as Justine Frank, and the presentation of ‘their works’, he removes the lines between the artist, his character and audience and leaves great room for speculation. At the same time, he makes the audience face the uncomfortable, along with his very dark humor.

Considered to be one of his most important works are his installation “Live and Die as Eva Braun”, his series of works with “Justine Frank” and “The Confessions of Roee Rosen”. His latest work “Vladimir’s night”, as well as other works of Rosen can be seen at his current exhibition “A Group Exhibition”, which is running at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, from January 15 to April 30 2016.

Click here to read more about “A Group Exhibition” and the work of Roee Rosen.

Text written by: Elinor Lazar

Shirts by: Eliran Nargassi, Story



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