Fuzzy Fest #2

by Goni Riskin | 13.03.15

Fuzzy multimedia fest continues! TODAY from: 16:00 Till 00:00



Experimental visual, sound and performance art concepts, where the boundaries of imagination are challenged.

The purpose of “Fuzzy” is to expand the limits of the known art definitions and create a new cultural source, experimenting with the audience’s and artist’ imagination expanding it to a new level.
Fuzzy project is a solo and it’s goal is to invoke a strong feeling among the audience and the performer. Let it be it a positive or negative, doesn’t matter, as long as one aims for a powerful one.

Today’s schedule

16:00 Andrei Acute compilator DJ
16:30 Nadav Masel ” A tude, Etude, Solitude & Beautitide” Live
16:50 Andrei Acute compilator DJ
17:20 Oz Vult “Mannequins with kill appeal” Live
17:40 Andrei Acute compilator DJ
18:10 Y Elimona “Fission” Live
18:30 Afik “Songs for tova” Live
19:00 Sophia “Vigman” Performance
19:20 Monguss Live
19:50 Dane Joe “20 minutes of 5 years” Live
20:10 Yonder “Kundalini Experiment” DJ
20:40 Maxim Turbo Live
21:00 Dina (Disco Zimmer) “Dolphinarium” DJ
21:30 Ido Bukelman “Honey /for the red ant Live
21:50 Haim Vitali (Disco Zimmer) DJ
22:20 Sachi Piro “Batsoret” Live
22:40 D Hope ” ψ = arctg(X/R)” DJ
23:10 Uri Crystal / Van Pazanovski Live
23:30 Anna (Pacotek) “Oceania” DJ

Plastic art:
Natasha Boguslavsky /Studio Pony Punk
“Ge Stijl /Studio Pony Punk “Space Slavery
Gal Melnick /Studio Pony Punk
Alexandra Levy “Disposable Art – Orange
Jackie Levy
Xeniaka “Sing me to sleep
Sari Stolar “Selotopia
Tarnegol “Cake Friday 13

RC Campos (Brazil) “Throwtogetherness
Asaf Tager “Fireworks
Rafi Perach “A Day in Zvika’s Life
“Asaf Eden ” One more kiss from the waves

Video Mapping:
(VaJj (Jula Jac

Fuzzy Festival #2 will take place Today, March 13 // 16:00-00:00
Zimmer, Hagdud Haivri 5, Tel Aviv 

Check out FUZZY photos from the first FUZZY FEST 

Artists: E|E – (Similitude, Mazo – Life is War), Misticforable – (Core #2), Jula OpalCity, Natalie Mandel. Alex (Disposable art – Tree), Fortuna, Goni Riskin (The Christmas monster tube,) Mise_en _scene – (Selected fragments), kxishma – (Long distance), Oz Vult (Movement), Dotan Brand – (Antonie Shaburi), Afik Naim, Daniel Baranov (VentSignalаtor), Katamine – 8 no 8, Citizen K, Hope (Be_Ton), Ge, Kosma, Kompilator (Odio Sargento)

FUZZY OBJECT is a concept of which the boundaries of application can vary considerably according to context or conditions, instead of being fixed once and for all. This means the concept is vague in some way, lacking a fixed, precise meaning, without however being unclear or meaningless altogether. It has a definite meaning, which can become more precise only through further elaboration and specification, including a closer definition of the context in which the concept is used.
A fuzzy concept is understood by scientists as a concept which is “to an extent applicable” in a situation, and it therefore implies gradations of meaning.

Fuzzy objects can draw from a diverse range of cultural sources including literature, history, art, music and religion to create densely layered imagery that is both abstract and figurative and addresses narratives of history, cumulative experience and the metaphysical collapse of time into single moments…









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