Ping Pong tournament Summer party @ Pasáž

by Goni Riskin | 10.05.13

Puma Israel joins the global Ping-Pong Club, and invites the public to enjoy the unique ping pong tournament in accordance with international standards of global PUMA. Celebrities gathered, hand-in-hand, along with the Israel national team and champions, on-site at Pasáž Allenby, for  the Open Tournament Summer party.

Game tables placed in the area for the summer, until the end of September, One Friday every two weeks the tournament will grant awards. All Puma games will be hosted at Pasáž – Allenby 94, Tel Aviv. More Info: 077-332-3118. To participate present ID upon entering as a deposit to receive rackets/balls.

More photos from the party will be upload soon to Puma facebook page

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