by Goni Riskin | 30.01.13

The Israeli musician and actress Sarai Givaty was shooting the official video for Guns at The Station district (Hatahana) in Tel Aviv. Guns is the second video from Sarai’s EP “The Monkeys are here“.

Director Eran Pesach, who also created the video for her first video Into Your Heart , tells a story where the boarders between love, passion and violent seem vague, and the beauty and the pain are entangle in a lose of control. I was on the set and took some stills photos from the shooting and backstage. Check them out:

How to view the gallery: Click on the thumbnail to enlarge & view the photos on their full size + use the arrows (on the photo itself) to browse all the gallery at once.

During the next month I will update this post with the new upcoming video clip.

Guns Video Credits: 
Director: Eran Pesach
Cinematographer: David Stragmeister
Hair and make up: Moran Stavitski
Styling: Mazal Hason
Art: Neta Riskin
Dancer: Lea Yanai 
Producer: Reut Klein

Into Your Heart


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