TLVFW Upcoming Designers

by Goni Riskin | 16.11.12

Photos from TLVFW upcoming designers runway show including ripple Brunner, Dana Harel, Yael Susser, Mark Goldenberg, Maria Berman, muslin Brothers, First Kiss, Nili Ben Simon, Nadav Rosnberg, Sabina Mosiif and more. The competition was hosted by fashion house RENUAR, which embraces and nurtures the Israeli fashion; winner of the competition is Mark Goldenberg & he will design a capsule collection for the chain, which is sold at chain stores across the country during 2013. (txt













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Malki Tesler

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Gilad Ratman

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Roy Menachem Markovich

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4 Responses

  1. 01 Nechama

    Shalom Goni,

    Beautiful photos, but who are the designers? I am in love with the white sequin dress in the black and white photo and I want to find out more about the designer.

    • 02 goniriskin

      Hey there, thanks a lot. can you link me to the photos with the designers you’ve liked? So I could help you with that 🙂


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